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Underground Storage Tanks


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Arizona Department of Environmental Quality ARRA LUST Assistance Agreement

Date awarded: July 15, 2009

Amount: $3,219,000

Summary of Work: Tank Programs Division: The ADEQ Tank Programs Division will use the existing Tanks Contract to perform environmental assessments and cleanups of leaking underground storage tanks. A priority list of projects eligible for ARRA funding is attached to the cooperative agreement workplan. The two-tiered priority list includes projects from throughout the state where an existing contract is in place to perform ARRA authorized activities (priority 1) and projects where the contracting process can begin upon award of ARRA funds (priority 2). Projects can be added or removed from the priority list or re-ranked depending upon the availability of funds and/or progress made toward meeting ARRA deadlines.

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Please note the information provided here comes from the EPA/state assistance agreement. Activities described are subject to change.

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