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Underground Storage Tanks


Putting People to Work while Restoring Our Land and Protecting Our Groundwater

In the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Congress appropriated $200 million from the Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Trust Fund to EPA for assessing and cleaning up leaks from underground storage tanks. This money will pay for activities at shovel-ready sites and may be used either to:

Because the underground storage tank program is primarily implemented by states and territories, EPA allocated the vast majority of LUST Recovery Act money to state and territorial underground storage tank programs.

Recovery Act Underground Storage Tanks Projects in Pacific Southwest Region 9

LUST Recovery Act Funding Allocations
to Pacific Southwest States & Territories
Arizona $3,219,000
California $15,577,000
Guam $138,000
Hawaii $1,317,000
Nevada $1,266,000
CNMI $57,000

States in Region 9 received a total of $21.5 million and allocated as the funding consistent with the national allocation formula and listed below. Funding was issued to states via a assistance agreement.

In addition, EPA allocated $6.3 Million to sites in Indian Country across the country, including sites in the Pacific Southwest Region. Additional information can be found on the EPA LUST Recovery Act site.


Visit the Leaking Underground Storage Tank Recovery Act page to learn more about LUST Recovery Act money for assessing and cleaning up underground storage tank leaks.

To learn more about general underground storage tanks issues in Region 9, see Region 9 Underground Storage Tanks (UST).

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