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Federal Green Challenge

National 2012 Federal Green Challenge Results

Text equivalent of this graphic is below.

Text equivalent of this graphic is below

2012 National Federal Green Challenge Results

Diverted 360,000 Tons of Waste from Landfills
The greenhouse gas reductions association with the materials diversion alone is 900,000 MTCO2E

Saved 52.7 Million Kilowatt-hours of Electricity
Saved 454 Million Cubic Feet of Natural Gas
Saved 488,000 Gallons of Fuel Oil

Reduced Potable Water Usage by 133 Million Gallons

Reduced Fleet Distance Traveled by 128,280 Miles

Sent 1,200 Tons of End of Life Electronics to Third Party Certified Recyclers

These Combined Efforts Result in an Estimated Cost Savings of More Than $31 million to U.S. Taxpayers


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