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Champions of Green Government

2001 Recipients

The 2001 Awards for Champions of Green Government were presented at the Federal Facilities Green Government Workshop on April 9-10, 2001, at EPA Region 9 in San Francisco, CA.

Year 2001 Green Government Champions:

1) US Postal Service - Sacramento District
West Sacramento, CA

The Sacramento Processing & Distribution Center applied P2 (pollution prevention) to their operations which resulted in reduction of their hazardous wastes to near zero. They collected out-of-date paints and were able to donate almost all of them; they now recycle crushed oil filters and brake grindings as scrap metal. They introduced ultrasonic cleaning which eliminated their ink/alcohol waste stream and associated costs of cleaning with alcohol. The Sacramento District is EPA's 1000th Wastewise Program Partner.

2) Dr. J. Shannon Swann
Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Boulder City, NV

Nine large marinas in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area generated concern about fish waste disposal. Dr. Swann suggested a program known as A Fish Out of Water which composts fish waste. The compost is used for projects throughout Boulder City, the National Recreation Area and area residents. This project prevents fish wastes from reaching the local sewer system which often could not properly handle this waste.

3) Pollution Prevention Team
Environmental Management Flight
99th Civil Engineering Squadron
Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada

Nellis Air Force Base, Home of the Fighter Pilot is also home to a number of greening accomplishments. The Nellis P2 Team has worked to reduce their hazardous waste generated by fuel on spill pads. They are removing the fuel, using a centrifuge unit to eliminate 36,000 pounds of hazardous waste per year and are recycling the used pads and fuel. They have reduced quantities of on-site chlorine by installing more environmentally-friendly and less hazardous water disinfecting systems. 100% of the antifreeze used on the base is recycled, eliminating 3,600 gallons of waste per year. And, all base personnel are encouraged not only to recycle, but to buy recycled content materials.

4) Chief Master Sergeant Doug Clark
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Flight 99th CES/CED
Nellis Air Force Base, NV

The Nellis AFB Explosive Ordnance Disposal Flight is responsible for range clearance. Chief Master Sergeant Clark has led an effort to destroy UXO (unexploded ordnance) without the use of demolition explosive. An innovative use of laser neutralization has resulted in reduction of bulk consumption of demolition explosive materials, reduced the human footprint on the ranges, and enhanced environmental and personal health & safety. Thirty cubic feet of non-recyclable bulk waste per each day of UXO destruction have been eliminated by this non-traditional technology.

5) Biosolids Treatment Facility at Barbers Point, Navy Public Works Center, Pearl Harbor, HI

The Solid Waste Branch of the Navy Public Works Center, Pearl Harbor, manages the Biosolids Treatment Facility (BTF) at Barbers Point. The BTF combines two waste streams, biosolids (sludge) and greenwaste into a environmentally friendly compost used on military property in Hawaii. The BTF receives sludge from several wastewater treatment facilities; the greenwaste is collected from the Navy's and City & County of Honolulu's tree-trimming and ground maintenance operations. The BTF provided an alternative to traditional landfill options and is representative of a multi-agency green partnership.

6) Green Team
Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

The establishment of a Green Team at the Grand Canyon National Park has implemented a pollution prevention approach to environmental protection at the Park. Management commitment has ensured that all Divisions are on the Green Team and recognize the benefits of a team approach to waste elimination and reduction. Recently, the Park has reduced their paint inventory by 75% and has eliminated all oil-based paints. Green purchasing has been incorporated into the design and construction of a new warehouse. Increased green transportation is planned, both by the Park and concessionaire. The first efforts of the Green Team are providing opportunities for more greening of Park services and operations at Grand Canyon N.P.

7) Ecobuilding
Arizona Army National Guard
Phoenix, AZ

The design and construction of the Arizona Army National Guard's Ecobuilding included the use of 5,000 tires as well as materials such as windows which were in buildings scheduled for destruction. The Ecobuilding has multiple systems for water management, including the capture of roof rainwater to four 10,000 gallon cisterns. This energy efficient building inspires creative and innovated building techniques and the use of alternative materials.

8) Space Action Team
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Department of Energy

The Space Action Team at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has recycled approximately 90% of materials from decontaminated and demolition projects at the Lab. Soil, asphalt, concrete, wood, steel, scrap metal and electro-mechanical infrastructure and equipment have been recycled during the demolition of eleven buildings and eleven trailers. Soil, asphalt and concrete are now being utilized at landfill sites for construction, road improvements, and daily operational needs; LLNL has reduced landfill costs for those materials to zero. P2 is a guiding
principle in all D & D projects.

9) Presidio National Park/Presidio Trust
Green Building Program
San Francisco, CA

The Presidio Green Building Program supports green purchasing and the use of sustainable materials in its residential buildings. Most construction at the Presidio is rehabilitation. The purchasing standards include the use of 100% recycled carpeting; low-VOC paint for exterior painting, low-flow plumbing, energy efficient lighting and appliances and salvaged wood and construction materials. All building rehabilitations are according to smart building principles.

10) Presidio National Park/Presidio Trust
Waste Reduction Partnership
San Francisco, CA

The Presidio Waste Reduction Partnership is a joint effort of the Presidio Trust and the San Francisco Conservation Corps. This comprehensive waste reduction program includes recycling, salvage and reuse, composting, wood recovery and green purchasing. Presidio tenants and the visiting public enjoy recycling services as a result of the efforts of this partnership. The Presidio Recycling Reuse and Education Center is visited by elementary school students. The salvage program has saved over $200,000 in the procurement of new materials. The composting of organic debris has resulted in 1200 cubic yards of compost to be used for landscaping the grounds.

11) Presidio National Park/Presidio Trust
Transportation Department
San Francisco, CA

The Presidio Transportation Department is committed to minimizing traffic congestion and associated pollution, improving public transit and shifting to alternative fuels. A quick fill compress natural gas fueling station (CNG) is in operation at the Presidio National Park. Fifteen electric vehicles are in the Trust fleet. More bicycle routes and racks have been added in the Park.

12) Presidio National Park/Presidio Trust
Sustainability Calendar
San Francisco, CA

The Sustainability Calendar for the Presidio was designed to outline global issues, educate people about Sustainability, highlight Presidio initiatives, and offer tips on how people can act locally. This 2001 Calendar highlights the environmental, social and economic ways the Presidio is working towards sustainability. Damien Raffa, Natural Resource Specialist and Jenny McIlvaine, Natural Resource Summer Intern in 2000, and a stay-in-school employee are recognized for their work on the calendar.

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