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Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Federal Facilities Compliance Program

EMS Training Presentations

These presentations provide guidance and tools for facility Program Managers to use and modify to meet their facility training and educational needs. They can be used for general awareness training for upper management, or for detailed EMS implementation guidance for individuals and line managers implementing EMS improvements.Users are encouraged to utilize and modify the presentations as needed to fit their EMS training requirements.

Several EPA speakers are featured in these presentations, which were modified from a national presentation developed by FFEO HQ.

You will need Microsoft PowerPoint to modify the presentations or the Microsoft PowerPoint viewer, available as a free download Exiting EPA (disclaimer)to view the files on this page.

Phase 1: Introduction and Initial Development of an Environmental Management System (EMS)

Phase 1 is designed as an introduction to EMS, defining terms, understanding concepts, and initial steps you need to take in order to set up and implement an EMS at your facility.

Phase 1 PowerPoint Presentations

Phase 2: Environmental Management System (EMS) Implementation

Phase 2 is designed as a guideline for the implementation of a facilities EMS, defining structure and responsibility of everyone, to checking and corrective actions required for improvement in the management system at your facility.

Phase 2 PowerPoint Presentations

Phase 3 - Auditing, Management Review and Self Certification

Phase 3 is designed as a guide to conduct an internal audit of your facility, have management review the facilities EMS, self-certification process and defining the role of senior management for your facility.

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