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Shoreside Power Online at the Port of San Francisco

U.S. EPA: Green Tech Takes a Giant Leap Forward at the Port of San Francisco

Public Invitation to the Event

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Media Contact Information

Mary Simms (simms.mary@epa.gov)
Press Officer, U.S. EPA, (415) 947-4270
Renée Dunn Martin (Renee.martin@sfport.com)
Port of San Francisco, (415) 274-0488,
Ralph Borrmann (rborrmann@baaqmd.gov)
Bay Area Air Quality Management District, (415) 749-4791

Public Contact

Penny McDaniel (mcdaniel.penelope@epa.gov)
West Coast Collabortive (415) 947-3583

Zero Emissions: Shoreside Power Goes Online at the Port of San Francisco

Port of San Francisco Shoreside Power

The Port of San Francisco will purchase and install a shore-to-ship electrical connection system for berthed cruise ships. The project will provide grid-based, high voltage electrical power to the ships (a technology known as “cold ironing” or shorepower). This permits refrigeration, cooling, heating, lighting, emergency equipment, and other electrical equipment to receive continuous electrical power while the ships load or unload its passengers. The Port estimates a minimum use during the first year of 15 of approximately 50 scheduled cruise calls, and expects that usage will increase to 40 out of 50 calls in future years. EPA provided $1M in DERA funding; the Port provided $1 million, Bay Area Air Quality Management District $1.9 million, and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission ($1.3 million). Total project cost is $5.2 million.

What: On Wednesday, October 6th the Port of San Francisco will take an impressive stride forward in green technology innovation and become the first port in California to provide shoreside electrical power for cruise ships at berth. There are 9,000 premature deaths in California every year from air pollution -- shoreside power results in zero air emissions to power a ship while connected in port. This new system is not only the first in the California, but will be just the fourth in the world.

Where: Pier 27

When: Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 11:00 a.m.

Who: Mayor Newsom and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Jared Blumenfeld along with Port officials, Princess Cruises, Holland America, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission will “flip the switch” at Pier 27, allowing the Island Princess to receive power from the City’s electrical grid.

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