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First-Ever National Wetlands Condition Assessment

Stone Lake National Wildlife Refuge
Locating Sampling Sites in Google Earth

You can easily find a sampling location by entering the latitude and longitude of the site into Google Earth. Below is a list of lat/longs for the California sampling sites.

  1. Open (or downloand and install) Google Earth. Exiting EPA (disclaimer)
  2. For the location you want to see, copy its latitude and longitude from the list below, paste into the Google Earth "Fly to" field.
  3. Click the magnifying glass icon or press Enter.

Download a spreadsheet of this table (.xls), which also includes Site ID numbers and sampling dates.
(Excel XLS viewer  Exiting EPA (disclaimer))

Latitude Longitude County
37.5193534 -122.216979 San Mateo
33.00118879 -116.553504 San Diego
33.27438391 -116.747025 San Diego
33.87787479 -117.745484 Orange
34.23663307 -119.262647 Ventura
38.13537299 -121.945127 Solano
38.13473345 -121.952057 Solano
37.89412492 -121.758774 Contra Costa
38.45784165 -121.466424 Sacramento
36.68460186 -118.232115 Inyo
37.24173904 -120.809393 Merced
37.23957456 -120.819432 Merced
37.2970215 -120.793701 Merced
38.10732204 -121.954441 Solano
38.11119825 -121.965098 Solano
38.11906134 -121.948458 Solano
38.12994425 -122.342103 Solano
38.11676212 -122.322822 Solano
38.13932 -122.339211 Solano
38.00778963 -122.488637 Marin
38.12654382 -121.935658 Solano
38.13181723 -121.953215 Solano
38.11291574 -121.936883 Solano
38.16837901 -122.533462 Sonoma
38.16538922 -122.545057 Sonoma
38.16413492 -122.553205 Sonoma
39.25489987 -123.755871 Mendocino
40.88234552 -124.144702 Humboldt
37.52065783 -122.220424 San Mateo
37.53679543 -122.232025 San Mateo
37.5193534 -122.216979 San Mateo
36.11837075 -121.466187 Monterey
33.00118879 -116.553504 San Diego

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency hosted a press availability on June 2, 2011, to highlight a national effort to assess the health of the nation’s wetlands, and an opportunity to provide input on proposed changes to how the government protects wetlands. The media event was held at the Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in Elk Grove, California, where scientists simultaneously sampled nearby wetlands as part of the National Wetlands Condition Assessment (NWCA).

Related Information

Press Contact: Mary Simms
(415) 947-4270

Fact Sheet (PDF) (2pp, 300K)

Press Release

The NWCA is a collaboration between EPA and its state, tribal, and federal partners representing the first-ever national field survey on the health of the nation’s wetlands. More than 1,000 sites across the country—including 43 in California—are being surveyed to assess indicators of wetland health, including water quality and flow, vegetation, and soils. NCWA sampling locations during the next two months will include wetlands in the following California counties: San Mateo, San Diego, Orange, Solano, Contra Costa, Ventura, Marin, Monterey, Humboldt, San Joaquin, Inyo, Merced, and Mendocino.


Stone Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Sampling at Stone Lakes National Refuge
Larger version
Sampling at Stone Lakes National Refuge
Larger version


Grasslands and dry vernal pools at the Bufferlands sampling site near Sacramento (NWCA 11-1125)

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