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Town of Huachuca City

Notice of the Availability of a Revised Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact

In 2009, EPA received an application for financial assistance from the Town of Huachuca City (Town). As required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the EPA issued in March 2010 an environmental assessment (EA) for the Town’s proposed effluent recharge project. During the comment period for the EA, EPA received a comment which brought to the Agency’s attention that an alternative that had been eliminated from further review due to financial infeasibility needed to be fully analyzed and included as a full alternative in the EA. In addition, there was a public comment regarding the impact to groundwater from closing the Town’s existing unlined wastewater evaporation ponds and the Babocamori River which EPA determined needed to be addressed. Due to these public comments, EPA is issuing a Revised EA.

The proposed EPA project is to construct a lined wastewater storage pond and 600 feet of gravity pipeline, at the Town’s wastewater treatment facility, which will connect to the Fort Huachuca (Fort) existing wastewater conveyance system. The Town’s wastewater will be treated at the Fort’s wastewater treatment plant and recharged at the Fort's East Range Recharge Facility.

Copies of the EA and FONSI are also available for review at the following locations:

U.S. EPA, Region 9
75 Hawthorne Street (WTR-4)
San Francisco, California 94105
Contact: Elizabeth Borowiec, (415) 972-3419
Michael Lockett
500 N. Gonzalez St.
Huachuca City, Arizona 85616
tel. (520) 456-1354

Elizabeth Borowiec (borowiec.elizabeth@epa.gov)
US EPA, Region 9 WTR-4
75 Hawthorne Street (WTR-4)
San Francisco, California 94105
(415) 972-3419

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