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National Historic Preservation Act

The National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) is the primary federal law governing the preservation of cultural and historic resources in the United States. The NHPA process involves identifying and protecting cultural and historic resources of national, state, tribal, and local significance.

As part of the NHPA process, EPA consulted with Indian tribes that may attach religious or cultural significance to historic properties potentially affected by the renewal of Veolia’s TSCA approval (permit). EPA did not receive any information from any of the contacted tribes regarding the presence of historic properties that might be affected by this undertaking.

EPA submitted a letter to the Arizona State Historical Preservation Officer (SHPO) on September 27, 2012, providing the information obtained and requesting that the SHPO respond as to whether or not they concur with EPA’s findings of “no historic properties affected”. The Arizona SHPO responded in writing on October 15, 2012, indicating that they reviewed the documentation submitted, and they concur with EPA’s finding of “no historic properties affected” by the undertaking. The letters mentioned in this paragraph are linked below.


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