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Contact EPA Southern California

Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Southern California Office Directory

Southern California Quick Finder
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Steven Leonido-John

(213) 244-1804

Lynda Arakelian (arakelian.lynda@epa.gov)
(213) 244-1805

Jorine Campopiano (campopiano.jorine@epa.gov)
Children’s Health
(213) 244-1808

Onamia Chun (chun.onamia@epa.gov)
(213) 244-1818

Francisco Donez (donez.francisco@epa.gov)
Air Quality
(213) 244-1834

Romie Duarte (duarte.romie@epa.gov)
Administrative Officer
(213) 244-1800

Noemi Emeric-Ford (emeric-ford.noemi@epa.gov)
Brownfields Program
(213) 244-1821

Jose F. Garcia (garcia.jose@epa.gov)
Brownfields Program
(213) 244-1811

Nahal Mogharabi (mogharabi.nahal@epa.gov)
Press Officer
(213) 244-1815

James Shears (shears.james@epa.gov)
Air Quality-NOWCC
(213) 244-1810

André Villaseñor (villasenor.andre@epa.gov)
(213) 244-1813

LaWeeda Ward (ward.laweeda@epa.gov)
Air Quality
(213) 244-1812

Carlin Hafiz (hafiz.carlin@epa.gov)
(213) 244-1814

John Kemmerer (kemmerer.john@epa.gov)
Associate Water Division Director
(213) 244-1832

Cindy Lin (lin.cindy@epa.gov)
Clean Water Act – TMDLs Program
(213) 244-1803

Sarvy Mahdavi (mahdavi.sarvy@epa.gov)

Yarissa Martinez (martinez.yarissa@epa.gov)
Superfund RPM
(213) 479-2120

Mary Matthews (matthews.mary@epa.gov)
Human Resources
(206) 553-0249

Andy Miller (miller.andy@epa.gov)
(213) 244-1809

Allison Watanabe (watanabe.allison@epa.gov)
Office of Ground Water & Drinking Water
(213) 244-1807

Craig Whitenack (whitenack.craig@epa.gov)
Superfund Investigator
(213) 244-1820

Jose Zambrana (zambrana.jose@epa.gov)
Senior Science Advisor, Office of the AA
(213) 244-1819

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