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Perchlorate in the Pacific Southwest

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Perchlorate contamination within the United States is most prevalent in the Pacific Southwest. This site provides information about:

Site-Specific Information

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This thumbnail clicks to a map showing the locations of all perchlorate detections in Region 9 reported to EPA as of September, 2004.

Region 9's Response to Perchlorate Contamination

A number of EPA's nationally recognized perchlorate experts work out of the Pacific Southwest regional office (the Region 9 office) and have played leadership roles in sorting out the technical, legal and regulatory issues surrounding perchlorate.

Additional Information

To learn more about perchlorate, review the December 2004 presentation (links below) with information about perchlorate occurrence, health effects and regulatory status.

Part 1: Background, Occurrence and History (Powerpoint file, 1.5 M)
Part 2: Toxicology and Regulatory Status (Powerpoint file, 2.2 M)

Here are some links to learn more about perchlorate issues: Exiting EPA (disclaimer) 

Perchlorate at Federal Facilities (key perchlorate documents and other federal agency perchlorate links)

Perchlorate in California Drinking Water

California Department of Toxic Substances Control: Perchlorate

California's Public Health Goal for Perchlorate in Drinking Water (March 2004) (PDF)
(113 pp, 727K)

Perchlorate in Arizona: Occurrence Study of 2004 (December 2004) (PDF)
(83 pp, 1.2M)

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(415) 972-3176

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