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Rachel Carson Sense of Wonder 2011 Contest Winners

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EPA's Aging Initiative, Generations United, and the Rachel Carson Council, Inc. are pleased to present the winners for the fourth annual intergenerational photo, essay, poetry, mixed media and dance Sense of Wonder contest.  All entries were created by an intergenerational team.

(click on the photo to view the written description and enlargement of the photo.)
Rachel Carson Contest - Photography
photos/Rachel Carson Contest - Photography
Rachel Carson Contest - Photography
Rachel Carson Contest - Photography
1st place: Charles age 16, Michael age 28 and Kristi age 40 2nd place: Graciela age 10 and
Cathy age 50
3rd place: Nancy age 43 and
Lauren age 15
Honorable Mention: Hunter age 9,
Sheila age 70 and
Kenneth age 73

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