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My Dark Visitor

Intergenerational Description of Joint Project

It was a class project. I wrote it. Ms. J. edited it and I made changes as she suggested. It was nice to be able to share me love of for the night sky with someone.

Celebration of Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder

This project truly made me realize how much I love the night and how beautiful it truly is. I knew I loved it, but I didn’t realize how much.

My Dark Visitor

The comfort I feel each night,                                                           
A returning friend;                                                                 
coming back to me always.   

A dark blanket covers the world,                                          
always present somewhere;
illuminating the sky with stars.                                              

This sweet darkness brings me peace,                                  
soothing me into a deep, deep sleep,
allowing a break.                                                                   

My always returning visitor,                                                  
coming back at night,
accompanied by peace and tranquility.                                

The stars light up my life.                                                      
Always bringing happiness.
Always bringing comfort.                                                      

The night sky saves me                                                          
From the fears and thoughts
Swimming inside my head.                                                    

Moonlight. Stars. Silence.                                                      
Always returning.
Always  helping.

An overcast.
Clouds cover the moon.
Stars lost in the grey. 

My visitor will not come tonight.
A wave of upset.
A wave of loneliness.

Alone with my thoughts.
Alone with my fears.
The night sky cannot help tonight.

Clear skies.
A perfect view of the moon.
Twinkling stars are present once

My fears disappear.
My thoughts disappear.
I am at peace once again.

I am consumed by happiness.
I am consumed by tranquility
I am consumed by the night sky.


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