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She Flew Away

Intergenerational Description of Joint Project

I asked my Grammie if she would like to work with me on this intergenerational project. It would give us a chance to spend time together in a different way than we usually do.  Little did I know that we would actually be bringing a third generation into our project? Our essay is about butterflies and how when we see them it is a sign that my Nanny (my Great Grandmother) is around us.  We spent a long time discussing butterflies and it was so much fun working with my Grammie for a school project.

Celebration of Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder

We did a lot of research about butterflies. We observed different types of butterflies with exquisite designs. We were really amazed at the fact that the female butterfly searches for the perfect leaf on which to lay her eggs. The caterpillars cannot leave that leaf so there has to be the proper nourishment there for them to move on to the next stage of their life cycle. We really enjoyed working on this project as a team, as a family, and also having an opportunity to take a closer look at a beautiful part of nature.

She Flew Away

My Great Grandmother, whom I called Nanny, was always there for me. I loved going over to her apartment to visit with her. She always made me laugh and I knew it was going to be a fun time when we were together. I was seven years old when she passed away. When my Grammie told me that when we saw a butterly we were to think of my Nanny, I told her that was perfect because I thought that Nanny did fly up to Heaven.  Butterflies are incredibly beautiful and unique as was my Nanny.

The most interesting thing about butterflies is how they go through the four stages of their life cycle. The female butterfly seeks a male to mate with. Then she begins the search for the place to lay her eggs. She smells the different leaves until she finds the perfect one. It has to have the proper nourishment since the caterpillars cannot leave that leaf. Once the eggs hatch into caterpillars they eat and grow rapidly and form what is called the pupa or chrysalis and from that the butterfly will emerge and eventually fly away. The butterfly is such a simple creature, yet one of incredible detail and flawless design. I have always wondered how a butterfly could be classified as an insect. It just does not seem appropriate because an insect is not normally so beautiful.

My Mom was not only my Mother, she was also my most treasured friend and confidant. She was as the song says, "The Wind Beneath My Wings". I went to see a psychic after my Mom passed away and she told me that whenever I see a yellow butterfly it would be a sign that my Mother was around me. It made perfect sense to me. It seemed that yellow butterflies were not very common, so I decided to include all butterflies. My Mom loved butterflies and in my opinion they symbolize such beauty and grace, and so did my Mother. Butterflies are one of nature's most exquisite forms of beauty and wonder. They are so light and airy and a delight to watch. The sense of smell is one of the sense's that is of utmost importance to the butterfly. She must use it in determining where to lay her eggs. If she were to make a mistake, all of her eggs could hatch, but then those caterpillars might be unable to obtain the proper amount of nourishment to grow sufficiently to move to the next stage of their life cycle. Once they enter the pupa and complete that stage, they are ready to move to the final phase of the life cycle, the butterfly.

My Grammie and I have chosen the butterfly because of our personal connection along with our feelings of awe for the butterfly.  The butterfly allows us to see the natural perfection in the symmetry of design and gracefulness in their flight pattern. Ah yes, the wonders of nature!


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