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The Will of Nature

Intergenerational Description of Joint Project

This was mainly the work of me, Grant Straka, but with collaborated ideas of religion, philosophy, and nature.  My father has adopted a deep love for nature…makes this an excellent work of art.

Celebration of Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder

We both believe that nature is a gift from God to us so we get to choose how we use it. We believe that nature often leaves wonder and awe but rarely do we think of He who gave it to us.  

The Will of Nature

The snow covered trees and the ice paved streams give a sense of beauty to my half frozen heart. The bitter taste of dry skin floods my mouth as snow continues to pound on me. I probably shouldn’t have trailed off from the trails, now that I think about it. It was chilly outside and my face was burning from the wind. There was a nice little den on the side of this hill that I slid into to protect myself from the brutal world.

But despite being very close to death, the glittered snow and the scurry of little rodents made the event more peaceful. I dug back and sat there watching the snow fall down. I leaned back on this rock in the far end of the den and closed my eyes, tucking myself away from the outside world. I thought as I quietly dreamed that all my plans for the year, and all the things I did in the past, was all over.

I remembered how fun it was when my buddy drove me through the scorching African prairies as I snapped shots of the cheetah stalking its prey and the vulture lurking over the dying. The vulture. I thought to myself what a horrible bird that thing was. It plucked out the eye of a dead zebra and swung out and perched on my window. It squawked at me as it was dropping the eyeball at my feet and flying away. I thought the planet was a horrible place. I opened my eyes and cried.

How could God’s glorious planet, full of the strange and the beautiful, be full of death and defeat? Why wouldn’t God stop his nature from dying? “You created us to suffer didn’t you?” I screamed. “You let those poor beasts suffer!” I sucked up my tears and fell to my knees. “Why?” I grabbed a rock and flung it outside of the den. Splash. I looked up and saw a glorifying light shining. The rays of the sun were shining clear.

Green grass grew, the water was streaming, the geese were flocking, the moose were herding, the bear was growling, and an eagle was flying. The eagle. The eagle swooped down at me and perched on my shoulder. It was holding a sort of white flower in its mouth. It squawked at me just as the vulture once did. It dropped the flower and winced at me with its gorgeous eyes. The bird flew off into the wind, the green pines blowing along with it. The sun blazed, the water dripping trees, and the snow peaked mountains hailed the eagle as he made his way back to He who sent him to do His work. I watched in awe as the eagle was flew off to the heavens.


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