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The Sound of Silence

Intergenerational Description of Joint Project

My passion for the Karoo in South Africa with its vast space and silence made me want to communicate this love to others. Both here and globally our deeper spiritual well-being is being destroyed through the destruction of nature as well as being life threatening.  Ashwin who works at the Internet Café was keen to enter with me because “It shows what the world is doing to the beautiful earth”. We worked hard but by his exam deadline we were still not ready. Kim, my neighbour was a miracle worker who managed to pull it together. We all found the intergenerational connectedness, cross fertilization and drawing on each other’s strengths wonderful.

Celebration of Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder

Rosemary: It has been a way of bringing the great natural beauty of South Africa and the ways in which that is threatened to a wider audience. But especially dear to my heart is the vast open space and silence of the Karoo where one senses an Ancient Love and feels connected to the whole cosmos in this Cradle of Humanity.
Ashwin: It shows what the world is doing to the beautiful earth.
Kim: The sound and images reveal the splendour of Nature and bring home This Ancient Love that sustains us all. It also heightened my sense of sounds like water, traffic and silence around me and the preciousness of water.

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