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When My Baby Met the Morning Sun and the Sea

Intergenerational Description of Joint Project

I wanted to enter these photos previously, but I was a bit tied and reluctant since these photos were taken in 2007.  Now, 2013, I worked on this with my son Chris.  Of course, he cannot recall this experience, but when looking through the photos, I asked what do you see, and he replied, “God’s creation.” What made it even more special, a new tie was created with my father.

Celebration of Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder

Three generations, my son, my father, and me… I am not a scientist, to my father’s disappointment, however I work in an area of sustainability.  While with my parents at a bookstore, I found “Silent Spring.”  My father, a Plant Pathologist, saw me with the book and told me that was required reading for graduate school.  I was surprised, impressed, and was even more motivated to read Ms. Carson’s book.  I read, took notes, asked many questions, especially not having any chemistry in college.

Today, he at 77, I at 49, we have something we both love and can share.

When My Baby Met the Morning Sun and Sea (PDF) (6 pp, 376K)

Love, marriage, puppy
Next, we desperately wanted to conceive
After four years, it became clear, science and medication does
Not rule nature
I questioned
I accepted, I was humbled, and moved on…
But, I also mourned because I so wanted to share our beautiful world with my child. I wanted to be able to share some of the most beautiful sights I have seen. The sun dancing on the water, the varied range of greens that can be found when the sun highlights the grasses and trees, and the sounds and calm of nature.
One day, a miracle, as Nature can only be…
Life came, unexpectedly
A heartbeat, this time strong enough to stay with me through full term and allow him to enter into this world
Waiting for him to be ready, a little bit older, waited patiently
The time came…
We brought him to meet the sea and the morning sun
The senses he experienced, touch, sight, calmness, beauty, I can only hope
Then he bowed to the sun and water
It was at that moment I knew that he would love and watch over our world
Now, there is peace

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