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Canola Flower

Intergenerational Description of Joint Project

I moved to the United States two years ago. Last summer I visited my hometown of Lanzhou, a city located in central China. My mom's high school friend, aunt Xi Chen, who has lived in US in past 15 years, was also there. We took a ride together to a farm; the fields were covered in beautiful yellow canola flowers. For aunt Xi, this view brought back many childhood memories, and she ask me to capture it, since some day I too "will both miss and appreciate all such little parts that have marked my own upbringing."

Celebration of Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder

The sense of wonder I received from this beautiful scene was due to aunt Xi's stories during our visit. She talked about how these farms and canola flower fields used to be found within walking-distance from her house. Now, with rapid urbanization, such farms have been pushed to the outskirts. It made me realize that nature is something that can be shrunk, and pushed back; it is something we must treasure and protect. I want my hometown to once again be dotted by these marvelous yellow blossoms.

large field of canola flowers

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