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Picture of Leopard

Intergenerational Description of Joint Project

Our family went on safari for four days in South Africa. We all had cameras so that we could capture the amazing animals, sunsets, and scenery we saw. It was a true adventure since the landscape was like nothing we had ever seen and we never knew what we might come across at any moment, around any bend. Katie’s high school English teacher told her about Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder Contest. We are so glad he did. Working together on this project allowed us to relive the excitement, splendor, beauty, and danger of nature that we saw on this safari.

Celebration of Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder

We saw this young male leopard when he chased two rhinos across the road right in front of our vehicle. Our guide told us that he had been left behind while his mother went hunting for the day and that he liked to amuse himself by chasing animals around without actually hunting them. He was magnificent—so graceful and so powerful. Crouched down in the grass, he nearly disappeared. As we admired his ability to camouflage himself, we also respected that we were observing a wild animal in its habitat and that we never know what we’re intruding on.

Photo of leopard crouched in the grass

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