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Rapidly Flowing

Intergenerational Description of Joint Project

My dad and I were on our way to a mens church camp in the Cascade mountains when we stopped to take some pictures of the rapids, I took this picture and we both agreed that we should find a contest to put it in. The next week my teacher told me about this contest, so we worked on an entry for the contest. This was a special project for us because we were able to spend time together, talk about the wonder of nature, and at the camp talk about our faith and how to be leaders.

Celebration of Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder

During our trip, we did things in nature including: playing in snow, hiking, and my favorite looking at the beautiful rapids, shown in the picture, and skipping rocks over them with my dad. We were in a wonderful place where we could smell fresh, clean air and you could only feel joyful and be amazed by your surroundings.

River below a bridge

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