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The Cabin

Intergenerational Description of Joint Project

I thought of the idea and asked my mom about her thoughts and experiences with the cabin. I then typed up my thoughts on it and used what she said to build onto the poem.

Celebration of Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder

This project gave my mom and I the opportunity to think of times when we were set in nature, and remember the good times we’ve had because of the natural surroundings.

The Cabin

A small one room log cabin,
whose walls were cut down and built by my grandfather.
With no electricity or running water,
the cabin ran on the pure love of the family.

A small one room log cabin,
in the middle of nowhere.
Surrounded by miles and miles of enormous oak trees.
Sharing a home with hundreds of living things.

We’d spent our summers at the cabin,
in the midst of nature.
In the winter we’d spend every weekend there,
building snowmen and making forts in the feet of snow.

I’ve only been there twice.
Once when I was only six, and once last summer.
My mother tells me stores of when she was a child,
and the cabin was filled with life.

I still find time to visit every so often.
It is now old and rundown.
Falling apart and crumbling.
It’s sad to see it in this state.

To me, this cabin seems nothing more than a neglected space,
with beautiful surroundings.
But to my mom, it is more than that.
It’s her home away.

To me, the cabin is my past.
All of my childhood memories took place there.
To my daughter, it doesn’t mean much.
It’s almost as if it doesn’t exist.

I wish I could’ve spent time at the cabin like my mother did.
Enjoying all of the aspects of its beauty.
Although I loved my own childhood,
I know I would’ve loved those experiences too.

I wish my daughter could have experienced what I did at the cabin.
Only then would she realize what the cabin really means.
It’s not just an abandoned empty space,
but rather a beautiful heartwarming creation.


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