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Intergenerational Description of Joint Project

This poem seem to flow from Kayleigh much as the river does, fast and furious, and with twists and turns along the way. Mom simply worked with her words so the chronology of a river’s developmental stages followed in order. On reflection, from a parent’s perspective, the poem expresses the changes and range of emotions experienced by an adolescent, all the way to the last stanza’s “Carving my way...Till I meet the bay” (the freedom of “my way” and the responsibility of joining the wider society, “the bay”).

Celebration of Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder

We’ve always lived near water, not right on it, but close enough we could appreciate it and never take it for granted. From sailing on the Potomac River to summer visits to the grandparents’ lake house, water has captivated us. We now live near the Blue Ridge Mountains, and a little mountain stream flows by our house, joining the Rivanna River, which we often hike to, and then the James River and Chesapeake Bay. Water is part of our memories and our daily lives. It is almost as if this poem had to emerge, had to be, just like the river.

flowing softly
through crags and crannies
etched by mountains lofty

A steady snow
Swells my flow
Down steep grades
I cascade

I snake, I glide
I twist, I hide
below the earth
bring caves to birth

Welling up through soil
I spring
Sweet water to passers-by
I bring

I shape-shift myself
into a creek
Now a river
Runs through marshes bleak

Onward I fly
My journey foretold
I reach for the sky
I see foam in the fold

Crashing I fall
a white-frothed pall
Carving my way
Till I meet the bay


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