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Generations United (GU) Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer is the national membership organization* focused solely on improving the lives of children, youth, and older people through intergenerational strategies, programs, and public policies.

Since our beginning in 1986, Generations United has been the leading intergenerational membership organization in the United States. Originally created by the National Council on the Aging and the Child Welfare League of America, GU flourished as a collaborative effort. Soon AARP and the Children’s Defense Fund joined the organization’s leadership and GU quickly grew to become a coalition of more than 100 national organizations seeking a shared, mutually supportive agenda. Generations United incorporated in 1997 as an independent entity and continues today as the country’s only membership organization promoting intergenerational public policies, programs, and strategies whose membership represents over 70 million Americans.

Image Courtesy Liz Lerman Dance Exchange

Liz Lerman founded Liz Lerman Dance Exchange  Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer in 1976. Its unique brand of dance/theatre breaks boundaries between stage and audience, theater and community, movement and language, tradition and the unexplored. Through explosive dancing, personal stories, humor, and a company of performers whose ages span six decades, Liz Lerman Dance Exchange stretches the expressive range of contemporary dance. Its work consists of formal concerts, interactive performances, specialized community residencies, and professional training in the art of community-based dance. An artist-driven organization, Liz Lerman Dance Exchange employs a collaborative approach to dance making, administration, and implementation. Representing the multiple artistic voices of Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, current choreographic projects include explorations of coal mining, sustainable energy, genetic research, radical prayer, human rights, particle physics and geology.

National Center for Creative Aging (NCCA)

The National Center for Creative Aging (NCCA)  Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer is dedicated to fostering an understanding of the vital relationship between creative expression and the quality of life of older people. Creative expression is important for older people of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds, regardless of economic status, age, or level of physical, emotional, or cognitive functioning.

Rachel Carson Council Inc.

Rachel Carson Council Inc.  Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer seeks to inform and advise the public about the effects of pesticides that threaten the health, welfare, and survival of living organisms and biological systems. The Council promotes alternative, environmentally benign pest management strategies to encourage healthier, sustainable living. Formerly the Rachel Carson Trust for the Living Environment, the Rachel Carson Council Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer is a clearinghouse and library with information at both scientific and layperson levels on pesticide-related issues, which provides answers to the public, produces various publications clarifying pesticide dangers, brings alternative pest controls to the public's attention, and presents conferences and workshops for the public and the scientific community.

Legacy Project

The Legacy Project
 Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer is an international big-picture learning project working with youth, adults, and elders toward a more meaningful, equitable, and sustainable world. Through an intergenerational TreeKeepers program and the 15-acre Legacy Center arboretum, trees are used in scientific explorations and as creative metaphors for exploring the life course and environmental legacies. The global YOU 177 education campaign brings youth and elders together to spark conversation over story sharing, learn seven-generation thinking, and apply new ideas in legacy projects that can transform lives and communities.


Songwriting Works™ Educational Foundation

Songwriting Works™ Educational Foundation  Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer brings professional singer-songwriters, older adults, youth, families, and family care partners together to compose and perform original songs that celebrate musical intelligence across diverse cultures and realities of physical, mental and cognitive health. Songwriting Works carries out its mission "to restore health and community through song" through its research-vetted programs, trainings for arts and health professionals, concert and festival events, and award-winning recordings, videos, print and internet publications.


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