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EPA National Community Recognition Program - Question 18


Our community has an existing model program integrating active aging/physical activity and smart growth for older adults and we can provide technical assistance and a contact person to share information with other communities.


The following websites highlight model programs that have successfully developed community coalitions and have integrated smart growth principles and physical activity for older adults. These communities have developed websites, guides, presentations, or other materials that are useful for communities undergoing this process.

Getting Started

Most model programs are affiliated with organizations and have received some type of recognition. National organizations can serve as partners in helping to disseminate information and resources about your community programs to other interested organizations.

Internet Resources on Model Programs

Active Living By Design
25 Community Partnerships
http://www.activelivingbydesign.org/index.php?id=6  Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2005 National Award for Smart Growth Achievement
http://www.epa.gov/smartgrowth/awards/sg_awards_publication_2005.htm  Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer

Smart Growth Online
Smart Growth in Action
http://www.smartgrowth.org/library/projects.asp  Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer

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