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2012 EPA Research Progress Report

STAR Grants to Support Air Quality Measurement Technology and Management

Four projects received grant funding totaling approximately $1.25 million to develop and demonstrate new air quality measurement technology.

The supported research will allow measurements of pollutants and the creation of smaller measurement devices for addressing emerging air pollution issues and improving air pollution measurement and data collection.

Additionally, five projects were supported with $2 million to create the scientific foundation for improving the air quality management system. These projects will increase the rate at which new information is incorporated into regional and local air quality management and develop techniques for improved air quality.

Summary of Air Quality Measurement Technology Grants

Recipients Research Project Amount Awarded
Washington University Development of Cost-effective, Compact Electrical Ultrafine Particle (eUFP) Sizers and Wireless eUSF Sensor Network $499,000
University of California-San Diego A compact, low-cost, network accessible, optical particle counter for the real time measurement of submicron aerosol $250,000
Princeton University Compact Multi-Pollutant Mid-Infrared Laser Spectroscopic Trace-Gas Sensor $250,000
University of Wisconsin-Madison Assessing the Synergistic Impact of Anthropogenic and Biogenic Emissions on Air Pollution Using Novel High-Sensitivity, Real-Time Monitors for Fundamental Carbonyls $250,000
    Total: $1.25M

Summary of Air Quality Management Grants

Recipients Research Project Amount Awarded
University of Texas-Austin; Massachusetts Institute of Technology Analysis of Dynamic, Flexible NOx and SO2 Abatement from Power Plants in the Eastern U.S. and Texas $500,000
University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill; Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus Dynamic Electricity Generation for Addressing Daily Air Quality Exceedances in the US $250,000
Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Environmental Protection Division, Georgia Forestry Commission Dynamic Management of Prescribed Burning for Better Air Quality $500,000
Texas A&M University-Kingsville Optimization of Multipollutant Air Quality Management Strategies $249,115
SUNY-Albany, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Creating Building Blocks for a More Dynamic Air Quality Management Framework $499,945
    Total: $2.0M

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