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2012 EPA Research Progress Report

STAR Grants to Support Treatment Technologies for Small Drinking Water Systems

EPA awarded 11 grants, totaling $5.5 million, to support research on and demonstration of new and existing drinking water treatment technologies in small, public water systems to reduce or eliminate chemical contamination.

The research aims to provide small systems with reliable and more cost-effective treatment technologies to better manage co-occurring chemicals or groups of chemical contaminants in their water systems, resulting in cleaner water and a reduction in waterborne illnesses. 

Summary of EPA Grants Research and Demonstration of Innovative Drinking Water Treatment Technologies in Small Systems

Recipients Research Project Amount Awarded
University of Massachusetts, Amherst Use of Ferrate in Small Drinking Water Treatment Systems $497,078
Lincoln University-MO, University of Missouri - Columbia Improving Drinking Water Quality for Small Rural Communities in Missouri $499,996
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Sustainable Catalytic Treatment of Waste Ion Exchange Brines for Reuse During Oxyanion Treatment in Drinking Water $500,000
University of Texas - Austin Fluoride, DBP Precursors, and Particles: Simultaneous Removal with Aluminum Salts A Solution for Small Drinking Water Systems $499,357
University of Nevada - Reno Contaminant Removal Using Membrane Distillation for Sustainable Drinking Water Treatment $499,743
Arizona State University, Main Campus; University of Alaska, Anchorage Sustainable Sorbents and Monitoring Technologies for Small Groundwater Systems $500,000
The City College of New York Municipal Sewage Sludge Based Composite Adsorbents For Removal Of Contaminants from Drinking Water Sources $499,746
University of Texas at EI Paso, New Mexico State University - Main Campus Point Of Use (POU) Water Treatment Systems For Improving Sustainability And Environmental Justice in Colonias of the Paso del Norte Region $498,906
Clarkson University, Southern Nevada Water Authority Integration of Filtration and Advanced Oxidation: Development of a Membrane Liquid-Phase Plasma Reactor $499,779
University of Florida, University of South Florida Small, Safe, Sustainable (S3) Public Water Systems through Innovative Ion Exchange $499,361
University of Iowa, Johns Hopkins University, University of California - Riverside Research and Demonstration of Electrospun Nanofiber Filters: Multifunctional, Chemically Active Filtration Technologies for Small-Scale Water Treatment Systems $499,361
    Total: $5,493,432

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