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Durham Sustainability Pilot

Aerial map of Durham Bulls stadium and surrounding area highlighting different surface types.


EPA research is developing decision tools and data to help communities make strategic decisions for a prosperous and environmentally sustainable future. The tools are intended to help communities maximize the benefits of their resources and balance the social, economic, and environmental tradeoffs of their decisions on issues such as infrastructure, land use, transportation, and waste management.

To ensure that the research is meeting community needs, EPA has formed a partnership with Durham County and the City of Durham, North Carolina to implement and evaluate the tools and approaches. During the Durham Pilot, communities and stakeholders will use EPA research products to diagnose environmental problems, analyze alternatives, and track the performance of the implemented approaches as they advance sustainability. Tools and approaches developed in Durham will be transferable to other communities around the country.

EPA is developing sustainability metrics that can be used to evaluate progress in changes in human well-being and the environment. Feedback from the Pilot will be used to improve the suite of user-friendly tools which incorporate new and emerging social networking technologies and social networking platforms, including environmental apps, sensor technology, and crowd-sourcing. EPA's goal is to ensure that the approaches and tools will help communities protect the environment, natural resources, local economies, and the health and well-being of their residents.

Past Events

Science Swap n Meet
May 18, 1pm – 5pm
Motorco Hall, Durham

Advances in sustainability rely on knowledge and research from many fields and disciplines that haven't typically worked together in the past. The US Environmental Protection Agency, Durham County, and City of Durham are co-hosting a fun and unique event, the Science Swap n Meet, to bring together individuals, institutions, businesses, and organizations involved in sustainability-related work.

The Science Swap n Meet is the "primer" event where these groups can meet and share their ideas in a casual setting. The hope is to create a community, or "SustainabilityCommons," where different groups can seek out areas for collaboration and work together to advance the environmental, social, and economic facets of sustainability.

Durham Sustainability Pilot Team

Greenversations Blogs


Rochelle Araujo
(919) 541- 4109

Melissa McCullough
(919) 541-5646

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