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Community Cumulative Assessment Tool (CCAT)

CCAT is a computerized, guided process that informs users of the steps involved in a cumulative risk assessment (CRA), such as problem formulation, conceptual model development, and the consideration of multiple stressors; it is based strongly on EPA CRA recommendations. It clarifies relationships between stressors, sources, and health effects; highlights decision points in the cause-effect chain where actions could improve health and the environment; and helps identify areas of highest uncertainty. CCAT pays particular attention to susceptible and vulnerable populations and a range of chemical and non-chemical stressors to further inform EJ assessments. It accesses informational resources such as C-FERST and GeoPlatform to inform the CCAT decision-making process. A CCAT prototype is complete; a beta-test version will be available for limited stakeholder use, testing, and evaluation in early 2013; a final version will be ready for review, clearance, and distribution in the second half of 2013, followed by public release.

CCAT is one of the major science and research activities listed in EPA Plan EJ 2014. CCAT is listed on pages 11-12 of the Science Tools Development section (PDF) (45 pp., 928K).

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