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Health Impact Assessments

The foundation of a healthy community is strongest when built upon a decision-making process that balances physical, human, and environmental factors to promote the health and well-being of its members. Designing such a process relies on a commitment between community members and researchers who will discuss, prioritize, and investigate possible outcomes before choices are made.

A Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a decision-making tool that asks how proposed decisions may impact health and well-being. HIAs consider potential consequences of decisions, include input from the people impacted by the decision, are flexible based on timelines and resources, consider different types of evidence, and provide timely recommendations to decision-makers.

HIAs evaluate public health impacts of projects, policies, or plans in communities and aim to inform communities with information or advice that influence choices. An HIA can provide information to show what would positively impact health and what would negatively impact health.  It applies community input and balances physical, human, and environmental factors to community projects. 


A Review of Health Impact Assessments in the U.S.
EPA's First Health Impact Assessments

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