Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

2015 Patrick Hurd Sustainability Award winner Joshua Zhou and EPA judge Robert Weber2015 Patrick Hurd Sustainability Award winner Joshua Zhou and EPA judge Robert Weber

The Intel® International Science and Engineering Fair®  Exit (Intel ISEF) , is the world's largest international pre-college science competition. It is the premier global science competition for students in grades 9–12. Each year more than 1,700 high school students from over 70 countries, regions, and territories display their independent research and compete for more than $5 million in awards.  The 2015 Intel ISEF was in Pittsburgh, PA May 11-15.

Since 2009, EPA has exhibited and shared information about environmental protection with the ISEF participants and visitors. EPA encourages the young innovators to apply science to environmental challenges and recognizes one student whose work demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability and stewardship with the EPA Patrick H. Hurd Sustainability Award.

In 2011, the Sustainability Award was renamed in honor of Patrick Hurd, who managed the effort behind the first EPA Sustainability Award. Read his Science Wednesday blog post Science is Cool and Verle Hansen's blog post Among the Stars to get an idea of what ISEF is like.

Joshua Zhou of Chapel Hill, NC, won the 2015 Patrick H. Hurd Sustainability Award for his sustainable & affordable solution to water pollution. The title of his project was Low-cost Heteronanostructure Semiconductor Uses Visible Light Energy to Efficiently Degrade Toxins Threatening Aquatic Life. 

EPA's award provides funding for the winning student and a chaperone to participate in and display the student's project at EPA's P3: People, Prosperity, and the Planet Student Design Competition for Sustainability in 2016. P3 is an annual event that brings together young environmental innovators and scientists to showcase their designs for a sustainable future.

Previous Patrick H. Hurd Sustainability Award Winners
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Total Solar Strategy for the Tohono O'Odham Nation
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Can Recycled Plastics be Used to Reduce Landfill Waste, Help Improve the Infrastructure of Buildings, Roads, Highways and Bridges and Reduce Greenhouse Gas? Exit
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Energy COOL: An Echo of Humming Wind? Exit
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