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Land and Waste Management Research

EPA is working to develop methods and guidance to manage and clean up contaminated land, ground water and nutrient pollution as well as develop innovative approaches to managing materials and waste including energy recovery.

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Science to Protect Our Land and Communities Technical Support Centers ProUCL Software Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) Technology Transfer and Collaboration
Management of Contaminated Sites

EPA is working to provide solutions for contaminated sites, restore contaminated properties and protect public health.

Contaminated Soil and Sediments
Tools and Methods for Contaminated Sediments
Technical Support for Contaminated Sites

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Materials and Waste Management

EPA is developing data and tools to reduce waste, reuse materials and recovery energy from waste.

Material Management
Recovering Energy from Waste

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Nitrogen Management

EPA research is providing science to improve nitrogen management.

Nutrients Management Research
Integrated Management of Nitrogen

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Methods, Models, Tools, and Databases

Researchers are developing models, databases and tools to determine contamination levels in order to protect land resources and human health.

EPA Land and Waste Management Research Methods, Models, Tools, and Databases
Center for Subsurface Modeling Support
Modeling Subsurface Petroleum Hydrocarbon Transport

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Grants and Funding

EPA is providing grants and funding to the nation’s leading researchers to improve the scientific basis for decisions on national environmental issues.

P3 Student Competition
Hazardous Waste and Remediation Grants
Pollution Prevention/Sustainable Development
Hazardous Substance Research Centers


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