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Land and Waste Management Research

Land and Waste Management Research Questions

How is EPA cleaning up contaminated sites?

EPA researchers are developing advanced methods to assess contamination and predict and document the performance of multiple cleanup methods. These results will allow communities to better understand the differences in cleanup decisions and realistically plan for future development opportunities.

EPA is also developing tools and technical support to assess the contamination levels in sediment and provide assistance to state and regional offices working to clean up these sites.

Visit the Management of Contaminated Lands page.

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What research is EPA doing to protect ground water?

Using state-of-the-science knowledge to develop computer models, researchers are modeling ground water contamination in order to better understand the behavior of contaminants.  In parallel, researchers are developing and refining effective treatment methods to protecting ground water for human health and the environment.

Visit the Ground Water Modeling page.

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What are some methods and best practices in nitrogen management?

EPA researchers are identifying the best practices for nitrogen management to help states and regions minimize the harmful effects of excess nitrogen. The research uses both existing and new analyses regarding the sources of nitrogen; its distribution in air, land and water; and its impacts on valuable ecosystem services.

EPA researchers are feeding nitrogen research into the National Atlas for Sustainability, a web-based mapping tool, where decision-makers will be able to analyze nitrogen at a regional scale.

Visit the Management of Reactive Nitrogen page.

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