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Nanotechnology Research

Research Coordination Team

Tina Bahadori (bahadori.tina@epa.gov), National Program Director, Chemical Safety for Sustainability Research Program, 202-564-0428.
Thabet Tolaymat (tolaymat.thabet@epa.gov), Acting Associate Director for Emerging Materials and Sustainability, Chemical Safety for Sustainability Research Program, 513-487-2860.

Exposure and Fate/Transport Research
Ross Highsmith (highsmith.ross@epa.gov), National Exposure Research Laboratory, 919-541-7828.
Roy Sidle (sidle.roy@epa.gov), National Exposure Research Laboratory, 706-355-8001.

Health Effects/Ecological Effects
William Boyes (boyes.william@epa.gov), National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory, 919-541-7538.

Risk Management Research and Life Cycle Approaches to Research
Joe Williams (williams.joe@epa.gov), National Risk Management Research Laboratory, EPA’s Office of Research and Development, 540-436-8608.

Risk Assessments
Christina Powers (powers.christina@epa.gov), National Center for Environmental Assessment, 919-541-5504.

Nora Savage (savage.nora@epa.gov), National Center for Environmental Research, 703-347-8104.

Computational Toxicology
Keith Houck (houck.keith@epa.gov), National Center for Computational Toxicology, 919-541-5519.