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The Science of Being Green: From the 18th Century to the Future

Franklin salutes all environmental scientists and engineers.


On Thursday April 21st, EPA's Science Advisor and the 'Father of Green Chemistry' Dr. Paul Anastas met with our nation's first preeminent scientist and inventor Benjamin Franklin (played by Ralph Archbold the world-famous Ben Franklin portrayer) as part of a science education event of the Philadelphia Science Festival.

Sitting at Independence Mall, Philadelphia the two scientists were separated by more than two centuries of history but united by a common reverence for innovation and invention. Their lively discussion was focused on the idea of creating a better world through curiosity and scientific investigation, stressing how the current generation can make significant contributions to science and engineering.

Photos from the Science Festival

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Philadelphia Science Festival Philadelphia Science Festival Philadelphia Science Festival Philadelphia Science Festival
Philadelphia Science Festival Philadelphia Science Festival Philadelphia Science Festival Philadelphia Science Festival
Philadelphia Science Festival Philadelphia Science Festival

Tweets from the Science Festival

RT @PhillyFEB The Science of Being Green: From 18th Century to the Future, with EPA's Dr. P Anastas and Ben Franklin. Independence Mall, Apr 21, Noon

RT @INDEPENDENCENHP The Science of Going Green: From the 18th Century to the Future! Special Program with the EPA and Ben Franklin! April 21! http://ow.ly/4EiDm

Guess where we are this morning for a science education event @INDEPENDENCENHP @PHLScienceFest http://yfrog.com/h775rskj

EPA's Dr Anastas will be talking to this historic figure + innovator noon @INDEPENDENCENHP join us! http://yfrog.com/gzemevvj

Sneak peak! EPA's Anastas & Ben Franklin prep for their noon sci education event @INDEPENDENCENHP http://yfrog.com/gy1inorj

Dr Anastas + S. Garvin + Philly's famous scientist Ben Franklin look at experiments @INDEPENDENCENHP http://yfrog.com/h85j8tzj

Ben Franklin congratulates Drexel U #EPAp3 student for being an eco innovator @INDEPENDENCENHP http://yfrog.com/h88otmej

BJ Dunn @INDEPENDENCENHP gives welcome to @PHLScienceFest event - get outdoors, be healthy! http://yfrog.com/h277972085j

EPA Regional Administrator Garvin introduces: father of our country - Franklin + father of green chemistry - EPA's Anastas #PHLScienceFest

Franklin says he does like fresh air + asks Anastas if the issue of air pollution has been solved http://yfrog.com/gy4w4wzj

Anastas replies that air pollution got so bad that the EPA was created + uses science to tackle the issue

Franklin says he became interested in science, grwing up by pond + liked to swim, watched frogs + made paddles to swim faster than friends!

Franklin saying: you are never too young to invent something and make the world better http://yfrog.com/h2ww1bphj

"Imagine what the world will be like if you become a scientist or engineer - you can design it!" Franklin @PHLScienceFest EPA event

#EPAp3 student introduced +Anastas says that type of innovation-designing a better tomorrow- that EPA promotes every day

Anastas says the importance of communicating science so important to new possibilities for the future @PHLScienceFest

Franklin salutes all environmental scientists and engineers! @INDEPENDENCENHP @PHLScienceFest http://yfrog.com/h3jd7mvj

RT @EPAregion3 Paul: innovation, smart priorities dictate agency science. Huzzah, cheers Old Ben.

RT @EPAregion3 Education must be applied & shared, says Ben & Paul to young audience, to help our world. Use your talents, they challenged.

RT @EPAregion3 New energy & materials crucial to better world being pursued by EPA. Kudos to Drexel U student who reinvented concrete.

 RT @EPAregion3 Paul lauding Ben's scientific credentials & many innovative inventions--still so needed today to fight pollution & conserve energy.

J. Kinney of UPSP shares sustainability efforts: did u know USPS was testing electric vehicles in 1899!!

USPS Go Green postage stamps reminds all to celebrate earth day every day! @PHLScienceFest http://yfrog.com/h2y0mdej

Franklin outside the B. Free Franklin Post Office - tells kids he's going to change it to be B. Pollution Free Franklin!

Read More: @eparesearch

Science Wednesday: Meeting Ben Frankin


A few weeks ago, my to-do list contained two items: (1) go to Philadelphia, and (2) meet Ben Franklin. Check and Check! I attended the Philadelphia Science Festival’s satellite event…read more

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