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USA Science and Engineering Festival

USA Science and Engineering Festival 2012

Want to keep the fun going after the festival? Get lesson plans, games, and more!

EPA Celebrates Science and Engineering at the 2012 USA Science and Engineering Festival. Come visit us at booth #1745 and learn how EPA uses science and engineering to protect the planet!

Some Demos for the 2012 Festival:

  • Lung Capacity Challenge where visitors can compete in the lung capacity challenge and learn how air quality impacts every breath we take. Learn about the Air Quality Index (AQI).

  • Fun with Chemical Reactions (aka "baggie science") where booth visitors can learn about how to observe, experiment and make inferences (all important concepts in science) while discovering the potential issues of chemical mixtures. Recreate the baggie science (PDF) (4pp, 56KB) (About PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer experiment. Learn about EPA's Design for the Environment partnership program.

  • Making the Invisible Visible:
    • Do you know the air is full of tiny particles? A condensational particle counter can tell us how many particles are in room air and detectable in candle smoke. We'll also test whether a common home air filter is able to lower concentrations.
    • Will have an informative poster about particle emissions and concentrations in the atmosphere.
    • Festival goers will be able to enter data on a graph over time of "room concentrations" and different "smoke concentrations" with/without a filter.

  • "One fish, two fish, safe fish, new fish"
    Go fishing and learn about the science behind fish consumption advisories, bioaccumulation, exotic species, habitat degradation from point and non-point pollutants, and environmental sampling in wetlands.

Want to keep the fun going after the festival? Get lesson plans, games, and more!

See How We Celebrated in 2010

The 2010 USA Science & Engineering Festival was the country's first national science festival.

The Festival included a free, two-day Expo (10/23 and 10/24) on the National Mall and surrounding areas that featured over 1,500 fun, hands-on science activities and over 50 stage shows and performances. The Festival was a grassroots collaboration of over 500 of the nation's leading science organizations.

Photos from 2010

Tweets from the 2010 USASEF


Visit the USA Science and Engineering Festival website for more details. Exit EPA Disclaimer

Read the biographies of the Nifty Fifty speakers Exit EPA Disclaimer