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USA Science and Engineering Festival

More Resources

Air Quality

  • For Kids: Games & Activities
    • Kid's Air: Air Now's Kids Center
    • Climate Kids: Geared toward students, the multimedia-rich Climate Kids site uses games, humorous illustrations and animations to help break down the important issue of climate change.
  • For Teachers and Parents

Chemicals and You

  • For Kids: Games & Activities
  • For Teachers and Parents
    • Lead Blockers (PDF). (6 pp, 272K, About PDF) Grades K-8. In this lesson students will learn about the health effects of lead through a game of tag. Students will model the process of certain nutrients that can block lead absorption. As part of the activity, students will brainstorm on ways to prevent lead exposure at home.
    • Middle School Chemical Safety Lesson Plan (PDF). (5 pp, 220K, About PDF) Students will learn about chemical safety and how it can be used as a pollution prevention technique.
    • Chemicals, The Environment, and You - What is the Risk? Grades 5-8. Students apply their understanding of the concepts of toxicology to their discussion of the 1950s tragedy in Minamata, Japan. They learn how to assess the risk of people to specific chemical hazards and make decisions about how to manage that risk.
    • Mercury: An Educator's Toolkit. A two-disc DVD and CD package that contains a variety of activities, educational videos, and other information designed to enhance students' understanding of mercury and its potential health hazards.

Aquatic Ecosystems

More Resources

  • For Kids: Games & Activities
    • Loop Scoops. Exit EPA Disclaimer Grades: 1-5, Loop Scoops are short, funny videos to get you thinking about the stuff in your life and what this stuff can do to the environment.
    • Planet Protectors On-Line Coloring Book. Grades: 1-2. Do you like to color? Do you like to color on-line? Visit this page and you'll find a really awesome picture that you can color over and over again!
    • Energy Information for Kids. Grades: 3-8. This site has games, riddles, word find/crossword puzzles, and science fair experiments on energy.
    • What on Earth? Grades: 9-12. Play for points and try to beat the clock in this quiz about air, water, and land.
    • A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change. Learn the basics; see the impacts; think like a scientist; take a climate change expedition; be part of the solution!
  • For Teachers and Parents

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