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EPA Research in the News

EPA research results are published in hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific journals every year. Below are some recent examples of EPA research results.

While thousands of chemicals are in common use today, only a portion has undergone significant toxicological evaluation. EPA researchers and their partners are leading the development of high-tech chemical screening and prioritization programs through computational toxicology.

Two recent publications in the scientific journal Environmental Health Perspectives present exciting results of EPA computational toxicology research:

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“The Toxicity Data Landscape for Environmental Chemicals” presents results from an extensive analysis to define a list of environmental chemicals that are candidates for the U.S. EPA screening and prioritization process, and to catalog the available toxicology information.
Read the article.

“Predictive In Vitro Screening of Environmental Chemicals – The ToxCast Project” describes how EPA’s ToxCast™ aims to harness advances in biology and computer modeling, and to screen and prioritize chemicals for potential human toxicity using in vitro assays and in silico approaches. ToxCast™ also offers great potential toaddress concerns over animal testing and the thousands of environmental chemicals lacking toxicity data.
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What’s the connection between the loss of biodiversity and human diseases? EPA researcher Montira Pongisiri and collaborators from EPA’s Biodiversity and Human Health Research Program explore the science behind that question in their article, Biodiversity Loss Affects Global Disease Ecology, published in the Bioscience.

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Reference: Pongsiri, Montira J, Roman, Joe, et al. 2009. Biodiversity Loss Affects Global Disease Ecology. Bioscience Vol. 59, No. 11, Pages 945–954.
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