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Volume 2 | Number 2 | March / April 2011

Executive Message

Assistant Administrator Paul Anastas

Executive Message

Sustainability through innovation

GEMS: Great Environmental Moments in Science

A compass pointing north

True North: Sustainability Research at EPA

The Agency's focus on sustainability brings an integrated approach to research, partnerships, and seeking innovative solutions to environmental and human health challenges.


Toward Sustainability: Building a Better Understanding of Ecosystem Benefits

EPA researchers are conducting a major study of the Tampa Bay estuary and its surrounding wetlands to quantify how natural ecosystems support human welfare.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson

Hydraulic Fracturing: Testing the Waters

EPA Researchers combine public and technical input on a study of the potential environmental and human health impacts of natural gas drilling.


EPA Co-Hosts National Bed Bug Summit to Address the Return of a Pest

EPA provides citizens with information about how to protect themselves from bed bugs.

A copper pipe with leaks

Problems with Pinhole Leaks in Your Copper Water Pipes

EPA scientists document, experiment, and research water chemistry to better understand the nature of pitting corrosion and pinhole leaks in copper water pipes.

A hand

Sparking Innovation to Meet Environmental and Human Health Challenges

EPA is invigorating its research efforts by tapping the collective vision and energy of its own scientists and engineers, as well as engaging others to join the discussion.

Puming fuel

Exploring Nano-sized Fuel Additives

EPA scientists examine nanoparticle impacts on vehicle emissions and air pollution.

Cars in traffic

Mobile Air Monitoring Detects Hard-to-Find Air Pollution Problems

EPA researchers have developed specially equipped vehicles for mobile sampling of air pollutants.


Saving our Estuaries: EPA's Climate Ready Estuaries Program Plans Ahead

Agency provides direct aid to implement adaption plans for climate change-related disaster.

Partner News

Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner

Stimulating a Green and Growing Economy

EPA's Small Business Innovation Research Program supports innovative environmental technologies.

A dream catcher

Tribal Science Council: From Indian Country to EPA Headquarters

EPA leaders ask Indian Tribes and Alaska Natives to identify their top environmental science priorities for inclusion in Agency science plans and projects.

A glass of water

Water Quality Improvements to Flow from the Water Technology Innovation Cluster

EPA convenes a unique collaboration to spur new clean drinking water technologies, green infrastructure, and job creation.

EPA and Soviet Scientists

EPA Microbiologists Provide Environmental Technology Guidance to Former Soviet Weapons Scientists

Since 2001, EPA scientists have been working through the BioChem Redirect Program, to help former Soviet weapons scientists in Kazakhstan pursue more peaceful ends.

EPA Research in the News

Robot System at work

New Robot System to Test 10,000 Chemicals for Toxicity

Green Technology World explains the high-speed robot screening system and provides an overview of the Tox21 collaboration. Read the article.Exit EPA Disclaimer

A smokestack

EPA Grants $32 Million to Air Pollution Research at Universities

Yahoo! Contributor, Rachel Krech, explains how the $32M EPA grant will allow four universities the opportunity to examine the effects of air pollution on human health. Read the article. Exit EPA Disclaimer

Assistant Administrator Paul Anastas

Designing Tomorrow Paints Future Standard

EPA Assistant Administrator Dr. Paul Anastas traveled to the University of Cincinnati to share his vision on how innovation and sustainability can guide design and a new paradigm for our relationship with the environment. Read the article. Exit EPA Disclaimer

Science Wednesday: Highlights From Our Blog

During March, EPA celebrated Women's History Month by profiling women within the Agency. Here are some of the highlights.

Administrator Lisa P. Jackson

Women in Science: Administrator Lisa P. Jackson
March 1st 2011
By: Lisa P. Jackson

Administrator Jackson kicks off Women's History Month by recalling her own journey and how women play a critical role in at EPA. Read Administrator Jackson's post.

Mary Kentula

Women in Science: Mary Kentula
March 2nd 2011
By: Sarah Blau

EPA student services contractor Sarah Blau interviewed wetalnd ecologist Mary Kentula about her interest in science and how research has helped inform national policy. Read more about Mary Kentula.

Montira Pongsiri

Women in Science: Montira Pongsiri
March 7th 2011
By: Marguerite Huber

EPA intern Marguerite Huber spoke with scientist Montira Pongsiri about the connections between environmental change and human health. Learn about Montira Pongsiri's research.

Amy Mueller

Women in Science: Women's History Month – New Generation, New Innovation
March 16th 2011
By: Lyndee Collins

Lyndee Collins, EPA intern, spoke with Amy Mueller, co-founder of STG International and a 2008 EPA People, Prosperity, and the Planet (P3) Award winner. Read about Amy Mueller's P3 experience.

EPA Assistant Administrator Paul Anastas

Green Biz
February 9th 2011
By: Becky Fried

Joel Makower, Chairman of the GreenBiz Group interviewed EPA's Dr. Paul Anastas on sustainability, innovation, environmental protection, and economic growth. Read more about GreenBiz

Hands holding a globe

EPA Science has an Attitude
February 2nd 2011
By: Sarah Blau

EPA student services contractor Sarah Blau shares the optimistic outlook EPA researchers have about the environmental tasks ahead of them. Read about how EPA science has an attitude.

Administrator Lisa Jackson

Witnessing History
February 16th 2011
By: Lyndee Collins

EPA intern Lyndee Collins watched as EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson testified before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Read about the hearing.

EPA Research Grants

EPA Researcher

Grants and Funding Opportunities

EPA supports the nation's leading scientists and engineers through competitive grant programs and fellowships.

Call for Papers

Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology Research Conference: Call for Papers

The Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology (FCSM) is planning a research conference to be held at the Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC January 10 to12, 2012.

The conference will feature mostly contributed papers with formal discussion and software demonstrations on topics related to a variety of statistical research issues.  Papers and demonstrations should address methodology, empirical studies, relevant issues, or needs for statistical research.  Papers must be original and not previously published or disseminated.

For more information, visit: the FCSM Web site  

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