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EPA Research Highlights

An oil rig platform

EPA Scientists Test Toxicity of Oil Spill Dispersants
Toxicity testing on oil spill dispersants released

A mountain top mine

EPA Science on Mountaintop Mining
Researchers release two scientific reports to support Agency’s new guidance for mountaintop mining

A researcher examining a bird

Biodiversity and Human Health: Exploring the Connections
EPA scientists and partners examine the links between biodiversity and human disease

Researchers in the Experimental Stream Facility

Streams of Science
EPA scientists use a unique Experimental Stream Facility explore the health of stream ecosystems and watersheds.

A house in need of repair

Getting Smarte
EPA's Sustainable Management Approaches and Revitalization Tools-electronic (SMARTe) helps communities plan for the future.

Diagram of molecule chains

Providing Answers to Chemical Safety Concerns
EPA brings top scientists together to share information about perfluoroalkyl acids.

A pan on an open fire

Better Burning, Better Breathing: Cleaner Stoves
EPA researchers are testing performance and emissions of solid-fuel cook stoves.

A card catalogue

Vast New Database System Streamlines EPA Science Assessments
EPA releases HERO database, providing transparent access to scientific studies used in making decisions to protect the environment and human health

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