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Homeland Security Research

About this Issue

Photo of World Trade Center Memorial Tribute in Light in New York City.

About this Issue

A Note from EPA's National Program Director for Homeland Security Research.

Science Features

Photo of nuclear power plant at night

Helping an Ally, and Learning from Disaster

EPA homeland security researcher and partners help Japan in the aftermath of devastating earthquake, tsunami, and radiation leak.

EPA researcher inspects petri dish

Stand-by Science: EPA Helps the Nation Be Better Prepared for Emergency Response

EPA researchers are helping to increase the nation's laboratory capacity to support large-scale emergency response operations.

Construction machinery cleaning up a site

Clean Up Gets Easier Using EPA's Incident Waste Decision Support Tool (Video)

Photo of water coming out of the kitchen tap

Anticipating Public Questions During a Water Emergency

EPA study helps drinking water utilities prepare for emergency response communications.

Photo of gloved hand using scrub to clean surface

Helping Individuals Respond to Radiation

EPA scientists are checking out cleaning methods to help decontamination efforts.

Photo of the National Decontamination Team

Testing Anthrax Decontamination Techniques

EPA and partners advance real world techniques to decontaminate anthrax bacteria.

Photo of researchers holding up a petri dish

Chemical Warfare Agent Analytical Standards Facilitate Lab Testing

EPA chemists and partners are developing standards and methods to support lab analysis of chemical agents.

Photo of EPA researcher working at a hood

Advancing Anthrax Response Capabilities

EPA researchers developed an open-access protocol for anthrax detection and informing response activities.

Photo of water supply facility

Advancing Ways to Clean Up Drinking Water Systems

EPA researchers and partners are building the nation's first "Water Security Test Bed".

Photo of water tower

Sustaining Our Access to Clean, Safe Drinking Water

Homeland security researchers provide the tools water utilities need to monitor drinking water systems.

Solider uses a power washer to clean off a jeep

Gaining from Net Zero

EPA scientists join forces with the U.S. Army sustainability initiative to advance decontamination technologies.

Photo of the American flag

Recipe for Success: Collaborating with Our Federal Partners

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