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Volume 1 | Number 2 | June / July 2010

Executive Message

Assistant Administrator Paul Anastas

Thoughtful Design Versus Reaction

When we are faced by the type of emergency such as the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we recognize that it takes all talents to come together and focus like a laser.

EPA Research Highlights

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson

Science to Support EPA's Response to the BP Oil Spill

EPA scientists and engineers are supporting the coordinated response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

A natural gas drilling platform

Drilling for Answers

EPA researchers will study key aspects of the potential environmental and human health impacts of a technique used to drill for natural gas.

Carp jumping from the water behind a moving boat

Climate Change and Aquatic Invasive Species

EPA researchers are helping states incorporate the effects of climate change into their plans to manage invasive species in their waters, coasts, and wetlands.

Vistors to P3 observe a display

When Students Compete for Sustainability, Everybody Wins!

Student engineers and scientists competed for Best Sustainable Design at the Annual National Sustainable Design Expo.

EPA emergency response vehicle

Liberty RadEx Drill Helps Nation Prepare for 'Dirty Bomb'

EPA scientists helped plan and support a major simulation of the clean up and recovery that will be needed after a deliberate radiation attack.

Trees in a forest

Trees and Air Pollution

EPA modelers show how controlling man-made sources of air pollution may also reduce air pollution formed from compounds released from vegetation.

Partner News

Map of the US showing the Air Quality Index

EPA Findings Improve Air Quality Modeling Nationwide

EPA-funded scientists help make a major air pollution breakthrough, greatly improving models used to protect human health.

Canoe on the water

Traditional Lifestyle Meets Modern Problem

EPA researchers work with the Penobscot Indian Tribe to examine the links between traditional practices and health risks from environmental contamination.

EPA Research in the News

Cars in a traffic jam

The Long Fight Against Air Pollution: Smithsonian.com chronicles the 40th Anniversary of the creation of EPA and passage of the Clean Air Act.
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EPA researcher Robert Kavlock

EPA Leader Reports on Progress in Toxicity Testing: The on-line publication Environmental Factor featured a recent visit EPA researcher Dr. Robert Kavlock paid to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.
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EPA researcher Nathan Shumaker

Software Designers – The People Behind the Code: The five-year effort of EPA researcher Dr. Nathan Shumaker to develop "a life history simulator" was featured in the Japanese magazine Software Design.
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EPA's Cynthia Nolt-Helms

Inspiring Green Leaders: The Washington Post and the Partnership for Public Service (PPS) featured EPA's own Dr. Cynthia Nolt-Helms as the Federal Player of the Week.
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Assistant Administrator Paul T. Anastas

Mr. Sustainability Goes to Washington: Chemical and Engineering News profiled Assistant Administrator Dr. Paul T. Anastas and the keynote address he gave at the American Chemical Society national meeting in San Francisco.
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Science Wednesday: Highlights From Our Blog

Child with an asthma inhaler

Talking Asthma for the Science Notebook. Melissa Anley-Mills, the News Director for EPA's Office of Research and Development, hosted a podcast about EPA research on Asthma.

Banner for the 2010 National Tribal Science Forum

Mother Earth: Indigenous Knowledge to Promote Positive Change. Monica L. Rodia, the Executive Secretary for the Tribal Science Council in EPA's Office of Science Policy blogs about the upcoming 2010 National Tribal Science Forum.

Buildings rise over a city scape

Cooling Down Heat Islands in Your Neighborhood Cuts Energy Costs. Graduate student and P3 grantee Eric Eisele writes about the research his team is conducting on cool roof coatings.

Smoke and ash rising frmm a volcano

From Iceland's Ash, Potential Particle Insights. Science writer and OnAir blogger Becky Fried talks with EPA researchers about particle pollution science and the volcano eruption in Iceland.

Armed with Science Logo

Homeland Security Research: Armed with Science. EPA researcher Dr. Peter Jutro, the Deputy Director for Science and Policy at EPA's National Homeland Security Research Center blogs about being on the Armed with Science podcast.

EPA Research Grants

Handling sample vials in a lab

Grants and Funding Opportunities

EPA supports the nation's leading scientists and engineers through competitive grant programs and fellowships.

Science Matters is produced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development. All content is copyright free, and can be reprinted without permission.

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Please contact Aaron Ferster: ferster.aaron@epa.gov.

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