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The Long Fight Against Air Pollution: Smithsonian.com chronicles the 40th Anniversary of the creation of EPA and passage of the Clean Air Act. The article illustrates a number of key breakthroughs in air pollution research by EPA researchers and their partners and how their work has contributed to protecting human health. Author Brian Vastag writes, “The Clean Air Act requires that the EPA base its pollution limits on the latest available science, so as research has pointed out more and more health risks, the EPA has steadily tightened its standards.”

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EPA Leader Reports on Progress in Toxicity Testing: The on-line publicationEnvironmental Factor featured a recent visit EPA researcher Dr. Robert Kavlock paid to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Kavlock, the Director of EPA’s National Center for Computational Toxicology (NCCT), shared the latest news about ToxCast and other cutting-edge work by NCCT staff and partners.

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EPA researcher Robert Kavlock

EPA researcher Nathan Shumaker

Software Designers – The People Behind the Code: The five-year effort of EPA Researcher Dr. Nathan Shumaker to develop “a life history simulator” was featured in the Japanese magazine Software Design.  The article explores how Shumaker developed Hexsim, a digital model that predicts how animal populations will respond to human activity.

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Inspiring Green Leaders: The Washington Post and the Partnership for Public Service (PPS) featured EPA’s own Dr. Cynthia Nolt-Helms as the Federal Player of the Week on Monday, April 19, 2010.  Nolt-Helms, a project manager, was touted for her work managing the P3 (People, Prosperity, and the Planet) program.

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EPA’s Cynthia Nolt-Helms

Assistant Administrator Paul T. Anastas

Mr Sustainability Goes to Washington: Chemical and Engineering News profiled Assistant Administer Paul T. Anastas and the keynote address he gave at the American Chemical Society national meeting in San Francisco.

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