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EPA Research Highlights

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson

Science to Support EPA’s Response to the BP Oil Spill
EPA scientists and engineers are supporting the coordinated response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

A natural gas drilling platform

Drilling for Answers
EPA researchers will study key aspects of the potential environmental and human health impacts of a technique used to drill for natural gas.

Carp jumping from the water behind a moving boat

Climate Change and Aquatic Invasive Species
EPA researchers are helping states incorporate the effects of climate change into their plans to manage invasive species in their waters, coasts, and wetlands.

Vistors to P3 observe a display

When Students Compete for Sustainability, Everybody Wins!
Student engineers and scientists competed for Best Sustainable Design at the Annual National Sustainable Design Expo.

EPA Emergency Response Vehicle

Liberty RadEx Drill Helps Nation Prepare for ‘Dirty Bomb’
EPA scientists helped plan and support a major simulation of the clean up and recovery that will be needed after a deliberate radiation attack.

Trees in a forrest

Trees and Air Pollution
EPA modelers show how controlling man-made sources of air pollution may also reduce air pollution formed from compounds released from vegetation.

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