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Volume 2 | Number 3 | June 2011: Focus on Green Chemistry

Executive Message

Assistant Administrator Paul Anastas

Executive Message

Green Chemistry: sustainability through innovation

GEMS*: Green Chemistry

Tree Branch

Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry

EPA-pioneered green chemistry technology that filters toxic pollutants from industrial waste and turns it into a marketable resource has the potential to pay big dividends for paper mills.

A microscope

Sustainable Chemistry: An Even Darker Shade of Green

Innovative EPA researcher taps everyday tools and plants to develop environmentally friendly ways to make chemicals and nanomaterials.


Transforming Paper Mill Pollution into Commercial Resource

EPA-pioneered green chemistry technology that filters toxic pollutants from industrial waste and turns it into a marketable resource has the potential to pay big dividends for paper mills.

Green fuel pump

EPA Scientists Pioneer Methods for Greening Biofuels Production

EPA Researchers combine public and technical input on a study of the potential environmental and human health impacts of natural gas drilling.

Scientist at a chemical plant

Spin Doctors: Reducing Environmental Burdens Through Better Chemistry

EPA scientists and partners develop new spinning methods to “green” chemical production.

Circuit board

Chemical Toxicity Testing Going Digital

EPA is using computer models to predict the human health and environmental hazards of new chemicals and advance the design and use of green chemistry.

Directions to Questions and Answers

Q& A with Dr. John Leazer

EPA is invigorating its research efforts by tapping the collective vision and energy of its own scientists and engineers, as well as engaging others to join the discussion.

*GEMS: Great Environmental Moments in Science

Partner News

Office building

Green Investments: Supporting Green Chemistry Innovations

EPA’s Small Business Innovation Research Program helps bring green chemistry benefits to the marketplace.

EPA Research in the News

Assistant Administrator Paul Anastas

presented a Q&A with EPA’s Dr. Paul Anastas about Green Chemistry over the last twenty years. Read the article.Exit EPA Disclaimer

Scienctist with test tubes

The radio programs Marketplace (produced by American Public Media) and Radio Times (produced by WHYY, Philadelphia) both featured green chemistry and sustainability:

  • Read the Radio Times Exit EPA Disclaimer interview (includes link to audio program).
  • Read the Marketplace Exit EPA Disclaimer story (also includes link to audio program).

Science Wednesday: Highlights From Our Blog

During March, EPA celebrated Women's History Month by profiling women within the Agency. Here are some of the highlights.

Administrator Lisa P. Jackson

Meeting Ben Franklin
June 1, 2011
By Marguerite Huber

EPA intern Marguerite Huber attended the Philadelphia Science Festival’s event “The Science of Being Green, from 18th Century to the Future,” where she saw Ben Franklin and EPA assistant administrator Dr. Paul Anastas talk about green chemistry and science innovation. Read more about meeting Ben Franklin.

Hands holding the earth

Foresight for a Better Future: Green Chemistry
May 25th, 2011
By Sarah Blau

EPA student services contractor Sarah Blau listened to Dr. Paul Anastas, EPA’s assistant administrator for science speak at the Society of Toxicology conference in Washington, DC, about the future of Green Chemistry. Read more about Dr. Anastas speech.

Design for the environment logo

Designing Safer Products is No Accident
April 6, 2011
By David DiFiore

EPA’s David DiFiore, senior project manager in the Design for the Environment program, talks about the Design for the Environment (DfE) Safer Product Labeling Program. Read more about EPA’s label for safer chemical-based products.
Hnads around the earth

Increasing Our Focus on Green Chemistry in New England
January 5, 2011
By Curt Spalding

The Regional Administrator for EPA New England, Curt Spalding, discusses the necessary steps to make green chemistry an economic driver in New England and the U.S. Read more about Green Chemistry and the economy.

EPA Research Grants

Atomic structure

Grants and Funding Opportunities

EPA supports the nation's leading scientists and engineers through competitive grant programs and fellowships to ensure that the latest science—including green chemistry and sustainability—is available to support the Agency’s mission to protect human health and the environment.

For information about EPA grants and funding opportunities, please visit: http://www.epa.gov/ncer/fa.

The Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge was established to recognize and promote innovative chemical technologies that prevent pollution and have broad applicability in industry. The Challenge is sponsored by EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention in partnership with the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute and other members of the chemical community.

For more information, please visit:  http://www.epa.gov/gcc/pubs/pgcc/presgcc.html.

Science Matters is produced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development. All content is copyright free, and can be reprinted without permission.

Comments, feedback, and suggestions for future stories are welcome.

Please contact Aaron Ferster: ferster.aaron@epa.gov.

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