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GEMS: Great Environmental Moments in Science

Heart image with an EKG line going through.

Matters of the Heart: Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease

EPA scientists explore the link between elevated ozone and heart disease risks

View from above of highway on and off ramps.

Too close for comfort? Living Near Major Roads May Impact Your Health

EPA researchers and partners are studying the local health effects associated with roadways and other "near-source" air pollutants.

Photograph of EPA Air Scientist Dan Costa, Sc.D., DABT

Questions and Answers with EPA Air Scientist Dan Costa, Sc.D., DABT

The National Program Director for EPA's Air, Climate, and Energy research program answers questions about air science. Listen to the SM podcast with Dr. Costa.

Woman sitting on the dirt floor of her home, filled with smoke from her cookstove.

Cleaning Up In the Kitchen: Cleaner Cookstoves

EPA researchers and partners are working to improve cookstoves to protect millions from unhealthy indoor air and help improve the global climate at the same time.

Graphic of laptops surrounding a globe.

Modeling Matters

EPA scientists are developing advanced models to monitor pollution exchanges between air, water, and land.

Old Mercedes car driving fast on an urban road.

Health Effects of Biodiesel

EPA researchers examine biodiesel emissions

Logo of SPORE. Text says, "Scientific Program on Reaerosolization and Exposure. DOD. HHS. DHS. EPA."

Anthrax in the Air?

EPA Homeland Security researchers and their partners are studying the potential for anthrax to "reaerosolize" in outdoor, urban environments following a bio-terrorist incident.

Children getting onto a school bus.

Clean Air Technology Initiative: Improving Air Quality through Technological Innovation

EPA researchers join forces with local and state agencies to promote innovative technologies that will improve air quality and the local economy of central and southern California.

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