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Volume 1 | Number 4 | October / November 2010

Executive Message

Assistant Administrator Paul Anastas

Executive Message

Children's Health: Sustaining Our Future

Children’s Health Month

Three Children

Celebrating Children's Health Month

EPA scientists and their partners provide key research outcomes for reducing environmental risks and improving children's health.

Virtual Embryo Logo

The Virtual Embryo Project

EPA researchers are developing a "Virtual Embryo" that will provide insights into how exposures to chemicals in the environment might affect the developing embryo.

Time Magazine COver

Children's Environmental Health Centers

EPA and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences support a network of research centers to improve children's health and prevent disease.

Group of Children

The National Children's Study

EPA researchers help lead the largest federal study ever undertaken to examine environmental influences on the health and development of children.

Cover of Child Exposures handbook

A Helping Hand for Children's Health

EPA's "Highlights of the Child Specific Exposure Factors Handbook" is a great resource for children's health experts.

GEMS: Great Environmental Moments in Science

Water in a stream

What's Ailing Your Stream? CADDIS Can Help Find Out

EPA researchers have updated an online tool that helps scientists from states and tribes find out what's harming plant and animal life in streams, rivers, and wetlands.

Sunset over the mountains

Climate Change Penalty on Ozone

EPA scientist finds new metric to measure impacts of climate change on ozone air quality.

Mentor and Apprentice

The Research Apprenticeship Program Celebrates 20 Years of Success

EPA and Shaw University team up to engage students in science, math, and engineering.

Fish and Coral Reef

Using Biological Criteria and the Clean Water Act to Protect Coral Reefs

EPA researchers recently published a manual describing how to protect coral reefs from land-based stressors.

Partner News

Adult and Child Sharing Science

Sharing EPA Science

EPA is joining 500 science and research organizations at U.S. Science and Engineering Festival.

EPA Research in the News

Paul Anastas at the USA Science and Engineering Festival

The Washington Post was on hand to cover EPA Assistant Administrator Paul Anastas, Ph.D. as he helped kick off events for the USA Science and Engineering Festival with a green chemistry experiment at the Marian Koshland Science Museum.

Read the article. Exit EPA Disclaimer

Science Wednesday: Highlights From Our Blog

Amory Lovins

Living the Sustainable Life. Science writer Becky Fried blogs about attending a talk by Amory Lovins, the chairman and chief scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute. Lovins, a MacArthur "genius" grant winner and renowned energy policy expert, gave a lecture on energy sustainability. Read more about living the sustainable life.

Paul Anastat and Former Assistant Administrators

Celebrating the Past, Traversing the Path Forward. Paul Anastas, Assistant Administrator for the EPA's Office of Research and Development, shares his experience meeting with eight former assistant administrators to celebrate 40 years of the EPA research. Read more about the past and future of ORD.

Stream Facility

Bringing the Outdoors In. EPA student services contractor Cathryn Courtin talks about how scientists at the EPA's Experimental Stream Facility are using unique research methods to develop real results. Read more about EPA's new research methods.

Air Quality Measurement

Breathing New Life into Air Quality Forecasting in Towns Big and Small. Robin Baily is an EPA writer/editor in Research Triangle Park, N.C. In this post, she discusses the importance of accurate air quality measurements and how EPA is making it possible for everyone to know the quality of the air where they live. Learn more about the importance of air quality.

EPA Research Grants

Handling sample vials in a lab

Grants and Funding Opportunities

EPA supports the nation's leading scientists and engineers through competitive grant programs and fellowships.

Requests for Applications are currently open for research on:

  • Sustainable Chesapeake: A Collaborative Approach to Urban Stormwater Management
  • 8th Annual P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity and the Planet
  • EPA Science To Achieve Results (STAR) Fellowships For Graduate Environmental Study
  • EPA Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) Fellowships for Undergraduate Environmental Study

Science Matters is produced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development. All content is copyright free, and can be reprinted without permission.

Comments, feedback, and suggestions for future stories are welcome.

Please contact Aaron Ferster: ferster.aaron@epa.gov.

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