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Sharing EPA Science

EPA is joining 500 science and research organizations at U.S. Science and Engineering Festival.

Adult and Child Sharing Science

EPA scientists will share their work with students and families from across the country at the inaugural U.S. Science and Engineering Festival. Exit EPA Disclaimer The festivities began with inspirational talks at school assemblies touting the importance of science and engineering. EPA's own Dr. Paul Anastas and Dr. Kevin Teichman visited two schools in the greater Washington, DC area to share their love of science and inspire the next generation of innovators. 

The month-long celebration culminates in the two-day festival expo, October 23 to 24, on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

The expo will feature over 1500 interactive stations from over 500 of the country’s top science and engineering organizations, including EPA. The EPA exhibit will feature activities that demonstrate the kinds of research Agency scientists are conducting across the country and what their research means for the public.

Examples of activities at the EPA booth will include:

  • Lung Capacity Module where visitors can compete in the lung capacity challenge and learn how air quality impacts every breath we take.
  • Drinking Water Filtration, which demonstrates the engineering principles behind safe drinking water.
  • Fun with Chemical Reactions where visitors can learn about how to observe, experiment and make inferences (all important concepts in science) while discovering the potential issues of chemical mixtures.
  • Permeable Pavements Module, which explores stormwater runoff and the importance of engineering in creating sustainable communities.
EPA Assistant Administrator Paul Anastas

"Nifty Fifty" scientist Dr. Paul Anastas talks about green chemistry and other EPA science at a local school.

Several modules will rotate throughout the day, including:

  • Green Chemistry Module, a nature-inspired green chemistry experiment, in which visitors can design their own eco-friendly, light-sensitive films using thymine (the DNA nucleotide), ultraviolet (UV) light and food dye.
  • A Water Stream Module, "Getting Bugged about Water Quality," that shows environmental indicators and what bugs can tell us about our water quality.  
  • A "Meet the Scientist / Engineer" station where EPA's experts share how they use science and engineering to protect public health and the environment.
  • And many more exciting science experiments and demonstrations!

The expo will take place Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and is entirely free and open to the public.

Help the exhibitors meet their goal of re-invigorating the interest of the nation’s youth (and people of all ages) in science and engineering by attending the expo and don’t forget to stop by the EPA booth when you’re there!

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