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Energy & Climate Change - Customer Programs & Services

Retail establishments may offer programs to their customers that can help reduce overall GHG emissions in society. Programs can include food and health care services and in-store take-back and recycling options for used products- thus giving customers opportunities to be more active environmental stewards. Retailers may also offer programs for their employees that can reduce GHG emissions.

Compliance Resources

In some cases, EPA regulates the waste generated from your in-store services.

Sustainability Resources

EPA offers energy efficient and waste-reduction information and opportunities to lessen the environmental impact associated with your in-store services. EPA also has information on how retail customers and employees can take steps to reduce their energy use and GHG emissions resulting from their activities.

The Climate and Waste connection: Most people don’t realize that solid waste reduction and recycling help address global climate change. How? The manufacture, distribution and use of products – as well as management of the resulting waste – all result in greenhouse gas emissions. Waste prevention and recycling reduce greenhouse gases associated with these activities by reducing methane emissions, saving energy, and increasing forest carbon sequestration.

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