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Energy & Climate Change

Retailers can become leaders in mitigating climate change by reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in their own operations, driving waste out of manufacturing, transport, and delivery functions, and carving out a share of the growing market in more efficient, cleaner products and services. Use these resources to develop comprehensive climate change abatement strategies and position yourself as a leader in the retail industry.


Climate Protection Partnerships: Our partnerships help businesses, organizations, governments, and consumers reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases by promoting greater use of energy efficient and other cost-effective technologies.

Getting Started:

Climate Leaders: Join Climate Leaders for assistance in determining your company’s baseline GHG emissions and developing a comprehensive strategy to mitigate climate change. Once you have assessed your GHG emissions, tools are available to help you reduce emissions from your key retail operations.

Climate Change State Resource Locator Exit EPA Disclaimer: Use this tool to locate state climate change resources. You will find links to state climate change main pages, state action plans, climate policies and more.

Resources By Retail Function:

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