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Waste/Materials Management - Industrial Non-Hazardous Waste

The industrial non-hazardous waste primarily generated at retail businesses are construction and demolition materials from their building construction and renovation of activities.

Under RCRA, "industrial nonhazardous waste" or "industrial solid waste" means waste that is neither a Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) nor considered a hazardous waste under RCRA Subtitle C. Industrial nonhazardous waste consists primarily of manufacturing process wastes from sectors such as organic and inorganic chemicals, primary iron and steel, plastics and resin manufacturing, stone, clay, glass and concrete, pulp and paper, and food and kindred products, including wastewater and non-wastewater sludges and solids, and construction and demolition materials.

Compliance Resources
Certain industrial non-hazardous waste management practices are regulated.

Sustainability Resources
Several industrial non-hazardous management practices, such as source reduction and recycling can prevent or divert materials from the waste-stream.

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